Thank you for purchasing my music.

Your new album “The Soldier With his Banjo” from Terry Bennetts is available for immediate download.

I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to my music as much as I enjoyed writing, playing and recording it.

Click HERE or the CD to Download

To speed up delivery the three mp3s are in a .zip format.

To unzip:
in Mac – Double click the file
for PC, Double click the file OR right-click the folder, click Extract All.

Instructions for adding music to your iPhone or iPad:
Download .zip file to you computer Save the zip files to a Folder (under “My Music”)  Double click the zip file (this will open the enclosed album Folder)  Open iTunes  Click “File” – then click “Add To Library”  Select the Folder connect your iPhone to your computer and click “sync” to add the album to your phone (or iPad)

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