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Thank God For The Rabbits – Lyrics Terry Bennetts

Thank God for the Rabbits My old Pop never knew of stocks and bonds, the decline in the company shares And the market… 0

When I Hear A Bush Song – Terry and Jenny Bennetts Keith Lethbridge

When I Hear A Bush Song When I hear a bush song my thoughts just drift away To another time and place, far… 0

Watch Over Me Lyrics – Terry & Jenny Bennetts

Watch Over Me Please God I know you’re out there somewhere Look down on me, hear my little prayer As I lay in… 0

Ballad of The Eureka Stockade – Terry Bennetts – Eureka Flag

Ballad of the Eureka Stockade      Written by Terry, Jenny & John Bennetts  2004 It was in the year 1854 when the miners made… 0

A Beer Named After You – Lyrics – Terry Bennetts

A Beer Named After You Words & music  Terry Bennetts              copyright © 2003 Would you like to have a beer named after you… 0

Still Only Fifteen – Lyrics

Still Only Fifteen   Written by Terry Bennetts       copyright © 2009 Well I’m just an old hack traveled many a track And probably seen… 0

Riders of the Kimberley – 2015 Instrumental of the Year AWA

The 2015 Australian Songwriters contest Instrumental of the year has been awarded to Terry Bennetts for his country track, “Riders of the Kimberley”…. 0

Terry Bennetts and Ginger Cox in Broome

G’day Folks, I’ve been in Broome now since the 5th July. Warm weather and catching up with mates and also the fishing. On… 0

Mateship – New Album from Terry Bennetts

Terry Bennetts has released his latest Australian Country music album and is titled “Mateship”. It’s Terry’s first solo album and includes the title… 0

Terry Bennetts performs “Travellers Prayer” by Slim Dusty

Terry Bennetts performs his version of the Slim Dusty song The “Travellers Prayer”. This song is on Terry’s latest album “Mateship”. Travellers Prayer

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