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Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Awards 2017 – Album of the Year

I’m very proud to announce my latest album “Salt of the Earth” was chosen as Album of the Year at the 2017 Gidgee Coal Bush… 0

Thank God For The Rabbits – Lyrics Terry Bennetts

Thank God for the Rabbits My old Pop never knew of stocks and bonds, the decline in the company shares And the market… 0

When I Hear A Bush Song – Terry and Jenny Bennetts Keith Lethbridge

When I Hear A Bush Song When I hear a bush song my thoughts just drift away To another time and place, far… 0

Watch Over Me Lyrics – Terry & Jenny Bennetts

Watch Over Me Please God I know you’re out there somewhere Look down on me, hear my little prayer As I lay in… 0

Ballad of The Eureka Stockade – Terry Bennetts – Eureka Flag

Ballad of the Eureka Stockade      Written by Terry, Jenny & John Bennetts  2004 It was in the year 1854 when the miners made… 0

A Beer Named After You – Lyrics – Terry Bennetts

A Beer Named After You Words & music  Terry Bennetts              copyright © 2003 Would you like to have a beer named after you… 0

Still Only Fifteen – Lyrics

Still Only Fifteen   Written by Terry Bennetts       copyright © 2009 Well I’m just an old hack traveled many a track And probably seen… 0

Riders of the Kimberley – 2015 Instrumental of the Year AWA

The 2015 Australian Songwriters contest Instrumental of the year has been awarded to Terry Bennetts for his country track, “Riders of the Kimberley”…. 0

Mateship New Album and Kimberley Tour – Terry Bennetts

As I write this I have just finished a gig in Broome with my mate Ginger Cox (The Kimberley Guitar Man) and as… 0

Terry Bennetts and Ginger Cox in Broome

G’day Folks, I’ve been in Broome now since the 5th July. Warm weather and catching up with mates and also the fishing. On… 0

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