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Unsuitably Dressed Lyrics by Slim Jones

The old bushman walked into the clubhouse, walked straight up and sat at the bar Ignoring the people around him, from the dust… 0

Band of Mates Lyrics – Terry Bennetts

Band of Mates – Terry Bennetts We’re a band of mates out on the road, spreading cheer as we go Soon all your… 0

Thank God For The Rabbits – Lyrics Terry Bennetts

Thank God for the Rabbits My old Pop never knew of stocks and bonds, the decline in the company shares And the market… 0

When I Hear A Bush Song – Terry and Jenny Bennetts Keith Lethbridge

When I Hear A Bush Song When I hear a bush song my thoughts just drift away To another time and place, far… 0

Ashburton River Lyrics – Terry Bennetts and Keith Lethbridge

ASHBURTON RIVER – Terry Bennetts/Keith Lethbridge Past Minderoo Station and out to the sea, Through Spinifex country, where the turkeys run free, Where… 0

Amen Lyrics – Terry Bennetts

Amen I never heard Dad say, a bad word about anyone Though he would have had good cause down through the years And… 0

The Old Camp Oven – Terry Bennetts/Keith Lethbridge

The Old Camp Oven – Terry Bennetts/Keith Lethbridge By a big boab tree in the East Kimberley, Old Digger and I made our… 0

The Trainee Ringer – Terry Bennetts

The Trainee Ringer – Keith Lethbridge/Terry Bennetts I met him at the bus stop of a far west Queensland town; He wore a… 0

Salt of the Earth Lyrics

Salt of the Earth – Terry Bennetts/Yvonne Hams Salt of the earth are men like George, few and hard to find And life… 0

Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth is my latest album. This time I have two instrumentals, Turquoise Bay and Pardoo Station. The album is full of stories… 0

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