Red Dog Recording Studio

Our recording Studio is located on our property in Gnangara WA and was mainly built to record all the Terry and Jenny albums and to do demos of our songs to pitch to other country artists but over the past few years we have been asked by various singer/songwriter/guitarists to produce their CDs for them.

We record using Protools and use a wide range of microphones to achieve the results we desire, mainly to suit acoustic sounding country recordings with a more Bush Ballad feel to them. The albums are recorded and produced by Terry Bennetts and mastered by Mark Donohoe at Apollo 11 Recording Studios.

       The Albums we have produced at Red Dog are as follows……….
2005 – The Soldier With His Banjo – Terry and Jenny (award winning EP)
2006 – The Good Old Days – Terry and Jenny (award winning album)
2006 – Travelling Australia – Evan Platschinda
2007 – Theo Stieke Plays Harmonica – Theo Stieke
2008 – Songs of our Land – Terry and Jenny (award winning album)
2008 – Rythym and Rhyme – Keith Jamieson and Alisha Smith
2009 – Luckiest Man Alive – Evan Platschinda
2009 – Life, Love and Laughter Lines – Deb Beckett
2011 – Homegrown – Deb Beckett
2011 – The Kimberley Guitar Man – Ginger Cox
2013 – The Gippsland Balladeer – Evan Platschinda
2013 – Road To Beagle Bay – Ginger Cox
2014 – Mateship – Terry Bennetts 

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