Jenny Bennetts

NOTICE: it is with immense sadness we announce the passing of our darling Jenny Bennetts on Sunday 8th April 2012. We hope you will celebrate her life with us through the wonderful music she and Terry have created together.

Jenny Bennetts   1.9.1953 – 8.4.2012

Western Australian award winning singer songwriter Jenny Bennetts passed away Jenny-Bennetts-photo-won Easter Sunday in the arms of her teenage sweetheart, husband Terry and surrounded by her family.

Jenny was born Jennifer Mary Bentley at Mount Hawthorn in W.A. and at the age of three moved to the wheat belt town of Wongen Hills with her parents and three brothers. The eight years she lived there were some of the most memorable of her younger life with the freedom that she had to roam with her brothers and friends and just be kids living the simple country life.

At the age of eleven Jenny’s father, an engine driver for WA Railways, was transferred to Perth where she completed her schooling then worked for a major department store in the city.

Terry-and-Jenny-wedding-photoAt thirteen years of age Jenny met Terry Bennetts and they were married on September the 2nd 1972 and went on to have four children together and seven grandchildren.

Terry and Jenny ran an electrical contracting business together for many years and it wasn’t until they sold the business after the children had left home that they starting getting serious about their music.

In February 2002 after winning the WA country songwriting for the second year, they sang on stage together for the first time as a duo at the Boyup Brook CM Festival and decided that this is what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives.

Jenny Bennetts and John WilliamsonThey released their first commercial CD in 2005 and were surprised at the success they received around Australia but one of the greatest thrills for Jenny was when she found out her and Terry were nominated in the 2006 Bush Ballad Golden Guitar Awards. Although they didn’t win, a week later at Bungendore in the Stan Coster Memorial Bush Ballad Awards, Jenny won Best Female Vocalist for the song ‘Camooweal’, an award she cherished for the rest of her life.

Another award Jenny was very proud of was the 2009 TIARA for best Bush Ballad for their song ‘Where has my Australia Gone’ which was one of a total of twenty awards that the duo won between them.

“Terry and Jenny Bennetts have a strong sense of what makes us unique as Australians and they transfer that easily into their music. Those values make their music very special and very Australian”
Deborah Minter, Capital News October 2008 after the release of their 3rd Album “Songs of our Land”

JTerry-and-Jenny-Daly-Watersenny was a natural musician who even as a young girl could play songs on a piano by ear and would sing in perfect harmony with her mother but it was when she bought her first Maton guitar that she found an instrument that she truly felt was made for her.

For Jenny the songwriting was a big part of the music, and along with the three award winning albums that Terry and Jenny released together, a further twenty of their songs were recorded by other country artists.

Jenny and Terry toured every year from 2006 to 2009 and took their music to every state and territory in Australia, the biggest trip being in 2009 when they travelled in their caravan for five months and spent ten weeks of that tour performing along side Keith Jamieson and Alisha Smith.

For Jenny one of the greatest joys of playing music and Jenny-Bennetts-Performingtravelling was the people she met and the new mates she made along the way, many who have become life long friends.

Unfortunately when Jenny returned home at the end of 2009 it was confirmed that the melanoma that was removed from her in 2006 had returned, and from then on she fought a long hard battle until the 8th of April 2012.

Jenny may be gone but the memories, her songs and her beautiful voice will live on forever.

Article from “The Balladeers Bulletin” – June 2012


All My Favourite Memories Terry Bennetts – February 2012

I couldn’t believe how beautiful, one girl could ever beTerry-and-Jenny-on-beach
Still can’t believe you gave your heart, to a man the likes of me
From that moment on my life would change, don’t ask me how, I just knew
All my favourite memories would be with you

In a bush hall just out of town, we would dance the night away
Every Friday a drive in movie show, just you and me in my old FJ
And if your mum should ask us what we saw, you know we wouldn’t have a clue
All my favourite memories have been with you

We spent so much time together, no reason to ever fight
Still I had to say goodbye and leave you every night
But that first morning when I woke up, and on my arm lay your pretty headTerry-and-Jenny-Bennetts-Promo
That’s one favourite memory I could never forget

So many photographs, there of friends and family
There’s you with a fishing pole in hand, or with our babies on your knee
But I don’t need a photograph, to remember all we’ve been through
For all my favourite memories, I see there in you

You were always there beside me, in everything I’ve done
My friend, my lover, my rock, that I can lean upon
Now as time goes by and we’re getting on, still one thing I know to be true
All my favourite memories, will be with you
All my favourite memories, are always with you

copyright c Terry Bennetts – February 2012

Copyright © Terry Bennetts Music