Terry Bennetts and Ginger Cox in Broome

Terry-Bennetts-and-Ginger-CoxG’day Folks, I’ve been in Broome now since the 5th July. Warm weather and catching up with mates and also the fishing. On my way up the coast I called into all the various caravan parks and stations and played gigs for all the travelers from all parts of this country and promoting my new CD ‘Mateship’ which I’ve had a terrific response to.

While in Broome I always do my shows with a great mate of mine Ginger Cox “The Kimberley Guitar Man” and we manage to fit in around two to three gigs a week. The photo was taken at our regular Thursday evening show at the Tarangau Caravan Park were we donate our time to raise money for the R.F.D.S. which is a charity close to everyone’s heart up here in the remote parts of Australia.

It’s always a joy to pick guitar and sing with Ginger (and share a couple of beers) and generally spend time with him and his huge family.

I will be in Broome until around the first week in September when “The Band Of Mates” will get together and play up here when Evan and Florence Platschinda arrive here from Victoria.

Both Ginger and I are looking forward to those shows.

Well that’s about all from me for the moment so until next time take care and travel safe.

All the best, Terry

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